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Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park.
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Sandy Island Park on Denman Island, BC, Canada
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Denman Island - Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park
Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada

( kayaking, swimming, birdwatching, camping, beachcombing )

Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park

Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park is located on the northern point of Denman Island, which is part of the Gulf Islands Group, on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Together with the Seal Islets, Sandy Island is part of White Spit.

The 18 hectare island park is also known as Tree Island by some. Established in 1966 the Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park has become a refuge for birdwatchers, wildflowers and kayakers. The park protects over 140 species of wildflowers, is a haven for sea birds and includes some beautiful sandy beaches.

Many activities are enjoyed in the Sandy Island Marine Park including beachcombing, swimming, camping, kayaking, picnicking and sightseeing. The marine park is especially popular for kayakers. The sandy beaches, the ease of access, beach campsites and the marine views create an ideal retreat for paddlers on multi-day trips.

On the island are some wilderness campsites. Many are used by kayak groups during the summer months. They are user maintained campsites so it is important to practice no trace camping. A pit toilet is near the campground and fires are not allowed on the island.

The island park is access by boat or kayak. During a high tide there are boats moored in the open water just off the shores of Sandy Island. But during a low tide (10 feet or lower) boats stay away and visitors can walk out to the island from Denman Island. Time it right or you may have to swim back.

How to Get to Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park

Travel Hwy #19a on Vancouver Island to the community of Courtenay, BC, Canada. Just south of Courtenay is Union Bay. Many boaters and kayakers launch from Union Bay to access the park. On Denman Island travel Northwest Road to Gladstone Way on the north tip of the island to view the park or to walk out to the park on low tides.

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Sandy Island Marine Park - Kayaking, Camping in the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada

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