Gulf Islands, BC, Canada
Things To Do on Thetis Island, BC, Canada
Gulf Islands, British Columbia.
Things To Do on Thetis Island, BC, Canada
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Things to do on Thetis Island
Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada

Some of the activities and adventures best enjoyed on Thetis Island, BC which is part of the Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. For a list of contact information for tours, guides, attractions go to Attractions or go to Parks and Trails for parks and trail descriptions.

  1. Hiking. There are unmarked and marked recreation trails on the island. Most are easy grade and easily accessible. There are no official parks on the island, but there are many access trails leading to the shoreline. Best view hikes on west side of island.

  2. Bird Watching. From almost any point on the coastline of Thetis Island one can enjoy birdwatching. Observe Oyster Catchers, Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, ravens, sea gulls and many other marine birds.

  3. Ocean Kayaking. Thetis Island is a launching point for many kayak adventures. The best spot to launch your kayak is from Preedy Harbour on the south end of Thetis. Ocean kayaking adventures from Thetis Island explore the many private coves, bays, islets and islands in the area.

  4. Ocean Fishing. Salmon and Halibut fishing is popular in the region. There is a marina on Thetis Island with moorage.

  5. Sailing. there are many channels and islands to explore in and around Thetis Island. There are sheltered private bays, coves and uninhabited islands with open water moorage.

  6. Scuba Diving. Scuba diving Thetis Island includes swimming among underwater reefs and wrecks. Also there is a drift diving site at Porlier Pass visited by many scuba divers.

  7. Day Trip. Take the BC Ferry trip back to Chemainus and spend some quality time exploring. Highlights include the Chemainus Theatre and the 'World Famous Murals'.

  8. Cycle. Narrow roads with little traffic and big scenery. A great day for a bike ride. there are many spots to enjoy the views and a sandy beach all to yourself. From the Ferry Terminal to Pilkey Point following the Pilkey Point Road is a must.

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